Heart to Heart Episode 1: Our Abortion Stories

“I think it is important that these details come out because no one knows what goes on behind the abortion doors. For women who are planning to go for an abortion, most will focus on the physical pain. Truth is, that pain pales in comparison to the emotional one.”

In Episode 1 of Heart to Heart, we “un-taboo” the taboo subject of abortion.

We hear from 3 women as they share honestly about their abortion experience and their road to recovery from pain and shame.

Join us as we uncover truths and discover how critical it is to continue this conversation.

00:00 – Introduction
00:57 – The state of abortion in Singapore
01:47 – Can life go back to normal after an abortion?
02:48 – The abortion stories, its physical and mental effects
12:58 – How to start healing?
13:41 – How do you know when you are healed?
16:06 – What does closure look like?

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