If you are facing an unsupported pregnancy or know someone who needs assistance, we are here to help.

You can reach us at hello@heartbeatproject.sg. All information shared with us remains confidential.

We also have many partners who are experts in their fields. They would love to help too.

Support for Pregnant Women


Website: www.alife.org.sg
Telephone: (+65) 6258 8816

Pregnancy Crisis Service

Website: www.pregnancycrisis.sg
Telephone: (+65) 6339 9770

Safe Place

Website: www.safeplace.org.sg
Telephone: (+65) 6817 4202

Adoption Services 

Fei Yue Family Service Centre

Website: www.fycs.org
Telephone: (+65) 6366 4096

Lutheran Community Care Services

Website: www.lccs.org.sg
Telephone: (+65) 6441 3906

Touch Adoption Services

Website: www.touchfamily.org.sg
Telephone: (+65) 6709 8400

Family and Counselling Services

Family Life Society

Website: www.familylife.sg
Telephone: (+65) 6488 0278

Focus On The Family

Website: www.family.org.sg/Counseling
Telephone: (+65) 6491 0700

Lakeside Family Services

Website: www.lakeside.org.sg
Telephone: (+65) 6567 1908

Touch Community Services

Website: www.touch.org.sg
Telephone: (+65) 6377 0122

Fostering Services 

Boys’ Town Fostering Services

Website: www.boystown.org.sg
Telephone: (+65) 9113 7612

Boys’ Town Sanctuary Care

Website: www.sanctuarycare.org
Telephone: (+65) 9177 3112

Epworth Community Services

Website: www.epworth.sg
Telephone: (+65) 6562 2211

Home For Good Singapore

Website: www.homeforgood.sg

Salvation Army Gracehaven

Website: www.salvationarmy.org/singapore/gracehaven
Telephone: (+65) 6580 2250

Post Abortive Support

Buttons Project Singapore

Website: www.buttonsproject.org.sg
Email: june@buttonsproject.org.sg

Rachel’s Vineyard Singapore

Website: www.rachelsvineyard.sg
Email: info@rachelsvineyard.sg

Our network of doctors understand that finding out about an unplanned pregnancy or discovering a medical condition relating to your unborn child can be very difficult and confusing.

Our doctors are here to support you with a complimentary medical consultation regarding your unborn baby, so that you don’t have to feel unsupported or unequipped in this decision making process.


Elyon Family Clinic & Surgery

Dr Vincent Chia

Address: 78B Telok Blangah Street 32
Singapore 102078

Telephone: (+65) 6802 7208
Website: www.elyonclinic.com.sg


Lifeline Bukit Panjang Medical Clinic

Dr Alan Chin

Address: 103 Gangsa Road
#01-37 Bukit Panjang Medical Centre
Singapore 670103

Telephone: (+65) 6760 5788


Olive Tree Baby & Kids Clinic

Dr Tan Siew Pin

Address: 583 Orchard Road
#02-08 Forum The Shopping Mall
Singapore 238884

Telephone: (+65) 6738 6488
Website: www.olivetreedoc.com

Peter Chew Clinic for Women

Dr Peter Chew

Address: 6 Napier Road
#06-05/06 Gleneagles Medical Centre
Singapore 258499

Telephone: (+65) 6472 6828
Website: www.peterchewgynae.com/